These are the most advanced display modules that LCS offers. TFT LCDs use a small thin film transistor (TFT) at each RGB subpixel location to switch the pixel off and on. The performance advantages of the TFT modules are significant including excellent color saturation, high contrast and brightness, wide viewing angle and fast response time.

The TFT modules feature digital 18 bit or 24 bit parallel RGB interface. The 18 bit models can display true 262K colors (6 bit/ color) and the 24 bit models can display true 16.7M colors (8 bit/ color). CCFL and white LED backlights are available along with a resistive touch panel option.

  • 3.5" 320x240
  • 5.7" 320x240
  • 5.7" 640x480
  • 7.0" 800x480


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