When a standard LCD module will not satisfy a particular display application, LCS will work closely with our customer to develop a custom or semi-custom designed solution. LCS has also successfully developed form, fit and functionally equivalent replacements for modules that have been discontinued by other LCD manufacturers.

LCS can work with our customer to cost-reduce an existing design using alternative materials and packaging techniques to satisfy the requirements of the application. From start to finish of the custom design process, we provide the highest levels of customer support and technical expertise.

Semi-custom LCD modules

The design of a standard module PCB can be modified to satisfy different mechanical, mounting, electrical or interface requirements. Also, for reduced overall assembly costs, the modified PCB design can incorporate additional components such as LED indicator lamps, switches, keypad traces and cable assemblies. NRE charges are very low, because only the PCB layout is changed – the LCD panel, bezel and backlight from an existing standard module are used.

Custom LCD modules

A full custom module design usually includes customizing most of the key module components – the LCD panel, bezel, PCB and backlight. The optimal custom module design will integrate all the necessary components and features to reduce overall system costs and maximize performance for the specific application. LCS works with our customer to use available standard components to help minimize the NRE charge for a full custom module.

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