Because it is a non-emissive technology, the performance of an LCD and its suitability for a particular application is usually dependent on the type of backlight that is used.  As with LCD technology as a whole, there are cost and performance trade-offs associated with the different backlighting techniques.

Over the years, LCD manufacturers have used a variety of different techniques to backlight LCDs including electroluminescent (EL), array LED and fiber optic. This section discusses the two primary backlight technologies used today on the advanced LCD products from LCS: CCFL and white LED.

CCFL backlights are widely used for medium to large size LCD applications such as portable DVD players, notebook computers, PC monitors and LCD TVs. While white LED backlights are the technology of choice for small displays in cell phones, PDAs and GPS receivers, they are slowly making inroads into larger display applications.

Despite their higher cost, white LED backlights offer some significant advantages over CCFL backlights including:

  • Higher brightness
  • Lower power consumption
  • Wider operating temperature range
  • More robust
  • Reduced size and weight



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